What are Sisterlocks?

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Sisterlocks is a natural hair management system that allows people with tightly-textured hair to take advantage of wide range of today’s hairstyles without having to alter the natural texture of your hair nor add extensions.

How much does Sisterlocks cost?

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The price you pay will depend on your hair length and density. It takes a lot of time and work to install Sisterlocks so it makes sense that the Sisterlocks cost (Sisterlocks price) will reflect that. However, it's worth knowing that although the initial installation may make the Sisterlocks cost seem high, you will be

Can Sisterlocks be taken out?

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Technically, yes, but the procedure is so tedious that we don’t recommend it so you should not get Sisterlocks with that intention in mind. You should consider Sisterlocks as a long-term hair care system in the same way as you would relate to a perm or relaxer. Once you discover the range of freedom with

What about colouring the Sisterlocks?

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Colouring your hair soon before your Sisterlocks are installed is not recommended. You should wait until the locks are settled in or well on their way to settling in, and your Sisterlocks and your Consultant can advise you on when that is. If you colour your hair before your hair is locked, you may cause

How long does it take to have Sisterlocks put in?

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The initial locking process takes about 2/3 as long as getting extensions of comparable size. Other factors that will affect the length of the initial locking session are your hair length, density, condition, size of your head and lock size desired. You should allow 2 days for the initial locking process, possibly more depending on