I’m Wavenie Jones and Sisterlocks™ has been my passion since 2008.

I had my Sisterlocks installed in 2008 and looking back, I wish I’d known about Sisterlocks much sooner. I’ve been in love with the Sisterlocks hair management system ever since. I wore Sisterlocks, talked about Sisterlocks to anyone who asked, and then took the Sisterlocks training class – becoming even more passionate about helping women, and men, to love their hair.

I’m listed on the official Sisterlocks website at sisterlocks.com and offer services in London and Essex

Here’s my journey:

My hair journey took me from natural – as a little girl with plaits and ribbons – to:

• hot combs – remember the burns and blisters?

• relaxers – remember how you thought you could tolerate the burn just a little longer so your hair will be that fraction straighter, again with burns and blisters to show for it?

• curly perms – oh, remember all that oil on your clothes, hats, pillows, everywhere;

and back to natural when I made a conscious decision to treat my scalp and hair with love and respect, this was my choice.

I then committed to staying natural without altering or processing my delicate hair strands, so I turned to braids and cornrows with extensions, shop bought ‘fake’ hair. How long did I spend in friends’ houses and busy hair salons waiting for a unique style? Too many hours to mention. Even turning up for early appointments only to have the salon owner casually arrive hours later. And dare me to look vex? Not if I want to be home before midnight!

So with hair done, I endured the the dreaded itch whenever my purchased hair touched my scalp, not to mention a face lift or hair tugged out at the follicles as the braids and cornrows were so tight. Who wants to take pain-killers before bed just so you can get to sleep?

So, onto being committed again to embracing my natural hair, without adding to it in any way. I got to know my delicate yet strong, highly textured yet silky hair as it grew out of my scalp. This is it – I was going to be natural till the end of my days. I started to maintain my own hair, learning to braid it myself like my dear Ma used to when she sat me at her feet (I miss you Ma), or two-strand twist it – you know, I don’t remember two-strand twists when I was growing up but they became a regular go-to style for me.

Then came the day I was passing through a busy London train station, as usual admiring the hair and style of a natural-Sista wherever I saw one – and I saw this natural-Sista with what looked like dreadlocs but finer, thinner, bouncier, more gorgeous than anything I had ever seen – and I discovered Sisterlocks™! Well, no, I didn’t actually discover Sisterlocks; that trail-blazer and innovator was the lovely Dr. Joanne Cornwall – see below. I practically chased down this natural-Sista to ask her “What’s that in your hair?”, “How long do they last?”, “Do you do them yourself?” and other inane questions, you know if you’ve been there. She told me to check out the Sisterlocks website at sisterlocks.com and the rest is history.

Where did Sisterlocks come from?

Sisterlocks is a trademark company founded in 1993 by Dr. JoAnne Cornwell. The company motto says it all: “Sisterlocks is not about a hairstyle, it’s about a lifestyle.”

Dr. JoAnne Cornwell is an Associate Professor of Africana Studies and French at San Diego State University. She is also a third generation entrepreneur and beauty specialist. She has researched African descended cultures worldwide, and understands how deeply hair issues relate to cultural identity. This understanding was the driving force behind her decision to found her trademark company, Sisterlocks. Visit the website at sisterlocks.com